Easy Party Planning: “S” is for Supplies

by Melissa

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Throwing a party will require a few basic supplies. In fact, we recommend keeping a box of party supplies on hand.

Keeping some party supplies on hand will allow you to throw an awesome party, even at the last minute!


Here’s what’s in our party supply box:
-generic favor bags ( you can always customize to your specific party)
-colored and designed napkins
-crepe paper
-chinese lanterns
-colored and patterned paper


You can easily customize these basic party supplies to fit within your theme. Of course, you may not need all of them for every party, but having them at a moment’s notice will save you lots of time later.

Pick them up from the clearance rack or dollar store when you see something you like. We promise you they will come in handy!


Also, if you love throwing parties like we do, you might consider investing in some classy serving ware that you can use again and again.


While we are on the topic of party supplies and serving ware, can I tell you about some of my faves? And just for the record, these are my opinions (as in, no one is paying me to say this).  When I was on the search for a Pewter Pitcher a few years ago, I came across this wonderful little shop called Old Town Imports.


To my excitement (and probably my husband dismays since he would rather spend money on something else), I came away with a few more items in addition to a pitcher. But…they were having an amazing sale–40-50% off most of their items. And boy, do I LOVE a good deal.

Their products resemble silver and pewter, but require far less upkeep. And food stays hot or cold in them, depending on what you prefer. Since we love to host, I picked up some of their most classic items : a few serving trays, a pitcher, bowls, mini bowls, and a Nativity set.

I have already gotten my money’s worth. We use these items all the time. Because even when we aren’t partying, I like to use them to elevate the ordinary.  Take dinner for example. Sometimes I’ll serve our dinner salad in a fancy bowl, just because it helps making dinner more fun when it is presented well. And Mac n’ Cheese? Put it in one of these bowls and it will look gourmet.


I also used their Justice Platter for our Slider Party.


All of their products are timeless and classy. I know they will never go out of style.

Good news!

They are having a HUGE sale right now where everything is 40-50% off. Order now, pay half your bill now, and the rest in the fall.

So if you’ve been wanting to get some great stuff, now is the time! This may be the last sale they have like this!

They even have a referral program, so if you refer someone who buys any of their stuff, you will get $20 off your purchase. So tell your friends! You can get more details here.

There you have it. Some of our favorite party supplies.

What are your favorite party supplies? And where do you get them? Tell us in a comment!

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*Images styled and photographed by Marcelle Calder Photography

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Jana Weaver April 21, 2014 - 3:44 pm

My favorite party supplies are probably my water dispenser (I believe my mom bought from Sam’s Club) and napkins (which I usually just borrow my mom’s cloth from her house.)

Emily April 22, 2014 - 2:07 am

My favorite party supplies to keep on hand are paper lanterns, cute party bags and some awesome serving platters. My favorite place to buy them is pickyourplum.com. Its such an addicting site and it has some pretty awesome deals!

I shared this on pinterest too! I am loving this party planning series and will be sad when its over!

Ashlee April 23, 2014 - 6:06 am

my problem is I have so many supplies! I collect them, but then I never use them, always saving them for the next party “if I use them for this party I won’t have them for the next…” it’s a problem, but I’m working on just simply using what I have. LOVE some of these ideas (more things to collect)


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