Easy Party Planning: Q is for Questions, Part 2

by Melissa
Party planning 101: Questions

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Let’s answer the rest of your questions.

Party planning 101: Questions

Question: Do you sit down at the beginning of the year/month and plan out your festive parties and celebrations? Or are many of them spontaneous and last minute?

Marcelle says:
There are so many holidays big and little to celebrate and we always love an excuse to do something fun. At the beginning of the year I actually sit down and write on the calendar major holidays as well as different ones we like to celebrate so that I can remember ahead of time.
Party planning 101: Questions
Smaller holidays include Cinco de Mayo, Mardi Gras, Pie Day, Cinco de Mayo, National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, or a famous person’s birthday. This year the Olympics happened and we celebrated during the Opening Ceremonies. There’s pretty much a holiday for anything out there you can think of. Check out the top right of the So Festive blog to find out what today is and be spontaneous in celebrating it.
Party planning 101: Questions


Melissa says: Over the years, we have decided what is important to us to celebrate. Birthdays are a big deal, along with the major holidays. We also have a few extra celebrations though out the year that have become traditions like Pie Day, our Spudnut party, and German Advent.

Because we have to eat dinner anyway, I try and incorporate simple celebrations into our meal plan. For example, we will eat pancakes on National Pancake Day and Beignets on Mardi Gras. However, sometimes I totally forget and miss a smaller holiday. But that’s okay. There is always next year.

Party planning 101: Questions


Question: Do you have any Etsy shops or websites you like to order party supplies from?

Marcelle says:
Petite Party Studio is one of my favorite places to shop. They have the cutest store in Arizona and also an online shop. If you’re ever in the area, you have to stop by. Their online shop sells adorable party supplies and their etsy shop is full of party printables and invitations.
Party planning 101: Questions
Locally, I’m always a big fan of Target and IKEA. At Target, there’s often party supplies on clearance and I always stop to look there. Even if I don’t need something specific at that very moment, if it’s 50% off and I know I’ll use it at a later date, then I buy it. At IKEA they have great napkins and straws.

Melissa says: My favorite online shops for party supplies are The Plaid Barn and Pick Your Plum. They have different deals each week, so it is hit or miss. However, I have found really cheap party supplies through them.

I also love Old Town Imports for nice serving ware that I can reuse again and again.

Although I have not ordered from them yet, Koyal Wholesale has a lot of fun and reasonably priced party goods.

Lastly, Dollar Stores and Target Dollar Spot are where I get 90% of my party stuff.

4. What are your favorite celebrations?

Marcelle says:
Birthdays are a big deal at our house. We love to focus on the individual and make them feel super special for the entire day.

Every celebration doesn’t have to be planned or elaborate. We like to celebrate events that are current in our lives. When we found out we were having a baby, we went out and bought a little outfit. After my husband finishes giant exams at school, we go out for dinner. When we move to a new area, we explore and look for fun things to do.

Party planning 101: Questions

Melissa says: Of course I like all the big holidays, but sometimes my favorite are the simple, everyday ones. When my husband got a promotion, I decided to throw a congratulations dinner. This idea came very last minute, so all I did was throw some confetti on a plate with a little congrats sign. It was simple, but it helped make the occasion more special.

I think the key is finding little ways to celebrate the everyday occasions. That is what will create great memories!  

Question:  What are your favorite birthday traditions?

Marcelle says: For birthdays we pick out our favorite meals for the day as well as the cake. The ‘You Are Special Today’ red plate is used for all the meals. We sing 5 verses of Happy Birthday and every person in the family tells the birthday individual what they love about them. Often, we also pick a theme for the decor.
Party planning 101: Questions

Melissa says: Our birthday traditions are similar from year to year. The Birthday Fairy leaves quarters in our shoe, we get to choose breakfast, dinner, and cake and do a family activity. This year, we did a Birthday Door for my little guy and he loved it. I think we’ll do it again. Or we try and do a slideshow showing pics from the birthday person’s life.

20140218-IMG_1618 blakes bday

The birthday person gets to eat off the birthday plate I made years ago and we always put up the Birthday Banner.



We hope we answered all of your questions. If you have any more, feel free to ask them any time.

We really just hope that you will be inspired to celebrate in the smallest ways. It will make life more fun and meaningful. Thanks for partying along with us!


See you again next Monday! (No quiz this week. Just because we love you! But if you want an extra point, share this post anywhere.)

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