Cute Easter Bunny Party Ideas

by Melissa

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Some-bunny’s going to love these simple bunny themed party ideas- perfect for Easter, birthday parties, or an impromptu bunny bash!


How to Throw a  Bunny Party!

Easter is just around the corner. Get all the kids together and throw an Easter party, inspired by the Easter Bunny himself. Everybunny will love it, we promise!

Here’s how to throw a Bunny Easter Party:

1. Give all the kids bunny ears.

Ok, you could skip this step, but they’ll look pretty darn cute the entire party if you do. You can snatch some up at your local Target in the dollar aisle.

Or get some cheap bunny ears here.

2. Do the Bunny Hop! 

After everyone is decked out in bunny ears, let the kids get all their wiggles out by doing the Bunny Hop. You can do this with races, playing tag, or just letting them hop around.


3. Next, decorate a Bunny. 

Pick up some cheap foam cutouts from your local craft store and pull out all your misc craft supplies like markers, glitter glue, wiggly eyes, etc. Let the kids be creative and then display them until the end of the party.




4. Play “Pin the Tail on Bunny”

Time for another game! You can tailor this activity depending on the age of the kids. For younger toddlers, let them put the tail on without being blindfolded. For older kids, blind fold and spin them around before they take their turn.

Supplies needed:

  • a large cut-out bunny
  • cotton balls or white pom-poms for the tail
  • 3D-glue dots to help the tails stick


Bunny Party Favors

Every party needs a favor! Make a simple party favor by placing a bunny peep on a lollipop stick and wrapping them up with baker’s twine. Place them all in a basket until you are ready to give them out. These cute peep party favors will double as decorations!


A Bunny Lunch 

Don’t forget lunch. This easy, healthy Easter themed lunch would be a perfect addition the Bunny Themed Party. Head over to I’m Topsy Turvy today to see our Bunny Lunch.


What are you waiting for? Hop to It and Go Throw A Bunny Party!



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