Cute Puppy Party Ideas

by Melissa

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This adorable puppy themed 1st birthday party was thrown by my new neighbor, Shalyce. It was too cute not to share. Enjoy!

Our little guy is in love with any kind of animal, but especially puppies right now.  So, I couldn’t resist throwing a “Puppy Party” for his special One Year old Birthday. I decorated with newspapers on the tables, and accented with pictures of the birthday boy and some of his toy puppies we had lying around.



The food table was so much fun to do.  We served Hot “Dogs” off the grill, licorice “Fetch Sticks”, Whoppers “Puppy Food” (which I served in the cutest red dog food bowl I found at the dollar store), and “Pup” cakes.



puppy party

I decorated the vanilla cupcakes with York Peppermint Patties and chocolate chips to look like a puppy paw, and then the chocolate ones were frosted and then dipped in Cocoa Puff cereal to look like dog food.

puppy- party


I did the birthday cake the same way as the chocolate cupcakes, but found another awesome dog food bowl at the dollar store and actually filled it with cake batter and baked it in the oven.  It turned out adorable!!  The Birthday Boy loved it, and was in puppy heaven.

photo (52)

If you’d like to share your party, send an email to [email protected] I’d love to feature it!     

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