St. Patrick’s Day Gifts From The Little Leprechaun

by Melissa

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St. Patrick’s Day gifts from the little leprechaun are a simple way to add some magic on March 17.  Here’s some fun and easy gift ideas! 

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St. Patrick’s Day Gifts From the Little Leprechaun 

If you’re lucky, the little leprechaun will make a visit to your house to bring some St. Patrick’s Day gifts.

In our house, our children look forward to waking up on March 17th to see if the leprechaun has visited.  In all honesty, I’m not one to stress myself out or spend hours and hours setting something up, so as always, these ideas are quick and easy along with these favorite St. Patrick’s Day traditions. 

Favorite St. Patrick’s Day Traditions 

But if you ask my children their favorite tradition, they will tell you that finding gifts from the Little Leprechaun is their favorite! 

St. Patrick’s Day Gifts from the Little Leprechaun

Before you get stressed out thinking “Oh, no! Not another gift holiday!”, just know that there are so many ways to do gifts from the little leprechaun. Remember our goal is to make life festive simply.

For that reason, if the leprechaun brings a gift, it’s something inexpensive and useful. I think it’s a great time to surprise the kids with some new art supplies since my children love to do all art all day long! 

We’ve also done rainbow-colored kids cups and bowls. 

Rainbow Gift Ideas


Pot of Gold St. Patrick’s Day Gift

If you want to go with a “gold” gift, leave chocolate coins or gold-wrapped Rolos! Package them up in a cute mini pot, treasure box (like below) or just scatter them on the table or around the house. 

I created these cute treasure boxes with die-cuts from a craft store and filled them gold for my family! So simple, but festive! Or you could use mini gold pots. 


What you need:



Dyed Milk From the Leprechaun

My children love waking up to find that a leprechaun has turned the milk green!

That leprechaun must know that children love eating their Lucky Charms, a once a year tradition, with colored milk!

St. Patrick's Day Traditions- gifts from leprechaun

I hope these simple St. Patrick’s Day gifts ideas will inspire you to create a little extra excitement at your house!

Have a festive St. Patrick’s Day! Show off your celebrations by tagging @sofestive on IG to be featured! 


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Kiera January 10, 2020 - 7:43 pm

Gifts from the Little Leprechaun is so cute. They are meaningful gifts on Patrick’s day for both children and adults.

Lauren February 18, 2020 - 7:09 pm

My daughter said that “Mommy, I want to gold gift”. But I don’t know how to do that. I search on Google. I see your post. It is easy to understand. I will do this. Thank you for sharing. I love them.

sofestivemel February 18, 2020 - 10:57 pm

Of course! I’m so glad it is helpful for you! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! xx


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