Easy Party Planning: “L” is for Lighting

by Melissa

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WELCOME BACK! We are so excited to be starting up our 2nd Semester of Party Planning 101. It’s going to be a party, so be sure to come back each week for new tips and tricks for stress-free and easy party planning.

For all of you newcomers, we’ll just take 2 seconds of your time to tell you how this A to Z:  Party Planning 101 works. Each Monday, we will feature a party element and tell you how to easily incorporate that into your party or event.

For example, last semester we started with Ambiance and made it all the way through Kids. These Party Planning “Lessons” as we call them are just what we have learned through years and years of planning, hosting, and throwing parties professionally and for fun. We don’t claim to know it all, but we certainly hope that what we’ve learned will help inspire you and show you that planning parties and events is easier than you think!


And…just to make it a bit more fun, we’ve got a HUGE party pack to give away to this semester’s best student. Details are at the end of the post.


If you’d like to get all caught up before you begin this week’s lesson, feel free to check out our previous posts in this  A to Z series ::

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Now, let’s jump right into this week’s lesson, shall we?



Lighting is an important part of your party and it can really help add to the ambiance you are trying to create.

Here’s our best, simple tips when it comes to lighting your party:

1. Make sure your entrance is well-lit. If your guests can’t find the entrance, there will be no party! Not only should the door be well-lit, but the walkway should as well. If you don’t have lighting along the pathway, create your own by using tiki torches.lighting_5

2. For a kid’s party, make sure everything is bright and extremely light (unless you are going with a glow-in-the-dark party, of course!)lighting_8

3. You can really add to the mood by using candles in all forms.lighting_4

4. Make sure common areas are well-lit, i.e. the bathroom, coat closet, and food table.lighting_6

5. Even if you are doing a candlelight dinner, make sure there is enough lighting for your guests to see their plates and each other.lighting_3

6. If your outdoor party happens to start in the late afternoon, be sure to have lighting available just in case it continues when it’s dark. You can always have twinkle lights or tiki torches set up before your party begins.lighting_1



We want to reward you students for all your effort throughout this semester. So here’s what we’ve got planned:

Each week, we will have a quiz at the end of each lesson. For every quiz that you participate in, you will get one point towards your “grade.” The Party Planning 101 student with the best grade at the end of the semester will receive a HUGE party pack in the mail. It will be awesome. That’s all we can say.

Quizzes must be taken by midnight each Tuesday night of the week that lesson was given. For example, to earn points for this week, you must take the quiz by midnight on Tuesday. If you miss a week, no big deal. Just come back each week to keep raising your grade.

We’ll make our quiz easy this week. Share this post on any social media site (i.e. blogs, pinterest, twitter, facebook, instagram). Each place you share, you get one point towards your grade. Leave a comment telling us where you shared it.



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