Crazy Straw Valentines

by Melissa

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Cute and easy crazy straw Valentines for kids! 


Non-Candy Valentines 

Blake, my little boy, is going to give a few of his friends Valentines for the first time this year. I came up with these simple, non-treat Valentines that were cheap and easy to throw together!  Sure, they may be a little cheesy, but he is far too little to give anything mushy. And since he can’t stop carrying around his straw, I think we found a winner.


What You Need



1. Print the tags and cut out. The tags are exactly 2.5 inches, so if you have a circle punch that size, use that.

2. Punch 2 holes in the tag, one in the top and one in the bottom.

3. Slide the tag onto the straw and that’s it!



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