Valentine’s Day Countdown : 14 Ways to Show Love

by Melissa

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Countdown to Valentine’s Day with this fun and simple 14 Ways to Show Love family activity.


I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day. In my family, it was never just a day for my parents to celebrate. It was always a family celebration for us. So even during those rough teenage years, Valentine’s Day was still a fun holiday–one that included heart sugar cookies, chocolates, flowers from my dad, and secret valentines.

In my opinion, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of LOVE. Love for siblings, friends, spouses, children, parents, grandparents, and anyone else that is special to you.

Every day leading up to Valentine’s Day in February, we are going to do something to show more love.

Because what the world needs is LOVE.


14 Simple Ways to Show Love

There are so many simple ways you can show love for your family members or neighbors, but here are 14 ways we plan to show love:

1-Try to say only kind things for the day.
2-Write in each other’s journals, including our kids’ journals.
3-Give up something worldly today.
4-Do 1 chore the other person normally does.
5-Spend extra time reading the scriptures.
6-Leave flowers for someone.
7-Write a long list of qualities you love about someone and leave it for them.
8-Write a note and leave it on someone’s car.
9-Write and send valentines in the mail.
10-Decorate cookies and deliver them to someone who needs extra love.
11-Call someone and tell them you love them.
12-Leave a chocolate bar on someone’s porch.
13-Heart attack someone’s door or car or do a secret service.
14-Be completely unplugged today, to really enjoy being together.



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Marcelle January 29, 2014 - 4:43 pm

I’ve never done a Valentine’s countdown and this one is totally doable for anyone. What a fun way to spread some love!


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