DIY Easy Heart Paper Garland

by Melissa

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I hope you had a good weekend! If you are like me and trying to get through the blah-ness of January, make an easy Heart Garland!


What you need: 

-Thin ribbon (found at Wal-mart for 42 cents!)
-Index card and pen for making template

How to:

1. Fold the index card in half. Draw 1/2 of a heart away from the fold. You know, exactly how you did it in kindergarten. Then cut the heart out. This will be your template.
Step 1


2. Using your template, trace the heart onto the paper you are going to cut the hearts out of. Then cut out the heart.
Step 2

3. Repeat until you have cut out as many hearts as you want.
Step 3

4. To attach to the ribbon, simple flip each heart over and tape the ribbon onto the back. Repeat until all the hearts have been attached to the ribbon.
Step 4

5. Hang up your DIY Heart Garland wherever you need a little burst of festiveness!


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Marcelle January 23, 2014 - 9:23 pm

What a great way to spruce up the house this time of year!


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