Make a Bird Feeder in 5 Minutes!

by Andrea

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These simple bird feeder crafts are a perfect activity to do with your children at home! They are easy enough for little hands to make. 


DIY Bird Feeder 

Find yourself stuck inside or at home? And you need something than screen time to entertain your kids? 

Using just a few basic supplies you probably have at home, you can easily create a simple feeder that the birds (and your kids) will love! 

What you need to make a bird feeder:

  • empty toilet paper rolls
  • peanut butter
  • bird seed or sunflower seeds



How to make a DIY bird feeder:

1. Spread peanut butter all over your toilet paper roll . . .


Or, eat all the peanut better like this silly kid . . .


2. Roll the peanut butter covered toilet paper roll in bird seed until it’s completely covered in it.


3. Head outside and find a branch to slide the toilet paper roll onto.  (Preferably one you can see from the window inside so you can watch the birds when they come.)

4. Then sit back and wait for the birds to find it . . .


How fun is that! Now you can make your own bird feeder. 


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*So Festive with Kids is series contributed by Andrea, a creative mom to 3 boys who always has a fun idea for the little ones.  All photos and ideas are original to her.

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