How To Make “I SPY” Nativity Ornaments For Kids

by Melissa

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These adorable “I Spy” Nativity Ornament Crafts will keep your little ones busy and focused on Christ this holiday season. 

I Spy Nativity Ornament Craft

DIY Nativity Ornament

I’m so excited to share this really fun idea with you today–Nativity Ornaments. I LOVE that it’s both fun for kids, but also centers around Christ and the REAL reason for the season.

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First off you’ll need a set of mini-nativity ornaments.  I got mine at a local craft store for under $3, but in case your craft stores don’t carry them you can find them online here.  They are the perfect size for this project.






1. Carefully pull the ornament string out of each ornament with a pair of pliers.

2. Drop each piece in the top of the ornament. (I used everything but the angel because her wings wouldn’t fit through the opening)

3. Fill the ornament about half way with Poly Pellets so it covers the nativity pieces but there’s still room for everything to move around inside.


4. Glue the top or the sides on to make it nice and safe for kids to shake and play with.

5. Last, I laminated a tag to attach to it that shows everything you need to find inside your I Spy Ornament.  And it’s your lucky day because I have the pdf for you to print your own as well!

Click here for the free printable “I SPY” tag.


Now hurry and whip these up for every kid in your life and help them remember what Christmas is all about!


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*So Festive with Kids is series contributed by Andrea, a creative mom to 3 boys who always has a fun idea for the little ones.  All photos and ideas are original to her.


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Cindy May 19, 2015 - 9:33 pm

Lovely idea. Could you tell me the brand of ply pellets you used? They look a bit iridescent and not opaque. On my google search, so many brands came up and it is hard to tell if they are white opaque (like what is in bean bags) or translucent.


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