DIY Turkey Napkin Rings

by Melissa
thanksgiving turkey napkin ring crafts

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Cute DIY Turkey Napkin Rings for your Thanksgiving dinner. 

DIY Turkey Napkin Rings- Thanksgiving Dinner Place Settings

DIY Turkey Napkin Rings

Last Thanksgiving, I volunteered to do some of the table decor. I volunteered before I knew I wouldn’t have much time to put anything fancy together. Plus, since it was going to be at my in-laws, I didn’t want to go overboard and double-up on anything my mother-in-law was going to do.

I decided I would make festive napkin rings that would spruce up the plates. I just started envisioning what I wanted to make and voila, it happened. Usually, I get my inspirations from other things I see, but this came 100% from me. That’s why it took me a little while to perfect and figure out what to do. So you don’t have to.

If you are having a really fancy dinner, maybe this won’t fit your style, but since we ate on fine paper plates, they fit in just fine. Or you could have the kids make them for their table.

They are simple and cute and that’s what were’ all about here.

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thanksgiving turkey napkin ring crafts

What you need for Turkey Napkin Rings:

  • paper rolls from a paper towel or toilet paper rolls, or if you think that’s gross, you can use card stock
  • paper or fabric leaves (I got mine from the dollar store or you can get a huge pack of leaves cheaply on Amazon)
  • cut-out turkey nose and gobbler
  • marker for eyes or googly eyes
  • glue
  • stapler


1. Cut the paper rolls about 2 inches high, or desired height.

2. Arrange leaves in a fan shape and staple together.

thanksgiving turkey napkin ring crafts
3. Attach the leaves to the paper roll.

4. Glue and draw on face.

thanksgiving turkey napkin ring crafts

How To Use Your Turkey Napkin Rings

Once you have your turkey napkin rings made, you’re ready to place them on the plates.

Roll up your choice of napkin and place it in.

The great news is that they are durable enough to last for more than one meal.


You can always use them for mini craft to set on mantle, too! 

thanksgiving turkey napkin ring crafts

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