Easy Party Planning: “K” is for Kids

by Melissa

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If kids are coming to your next party, you’ll want to be sure to do a few extra things to make it kid-friendly.


Here are our top 6 tips for making your party extra kid-friendly: 

1. Even before we had kids, we kept a small basket of toys in our living room. That way, whenever kids came over (since we have always loved to host), there was  something for them to play with. It was win-win for the kids and the adults. It kept the kids happy and gave the adults more time to socialize.


2. Make a kids table.  Cover the table in paper and set out crayons. This will keep them entertained while you eat.

3. Use paper serving ware. You will be a lot less stressed if you aren’t worrying about kids breaking your fine china and goblets. They don’t care about fancy dinnerware, so you shouldn’t either.

4. Don’t serve colored beverages on carpeted areas. If you are going to be on carpeted areas, serve water or something light that won’t stain your brand new couch or heirloom blanket.


5. Put fragile and expensive items out of reach. It seems like kids are drawn to the things you don’t want them to have. So, just move them out of sight before the party begins. This may seem like too much effort (and let’s be honest, sometimes you won’t have time), but the more you can childproof your house, the more fun everyone will have!

6. Keep things simple. Kids find joy in the simplest things. Don’t stress about perfect decorations or super fancy cupcakes that take 3 hours to decorate. They will have just as much fun with some simple party favors or a cake that came from a box. Gasp. It’s true. They will remember how much fun they had more than the intricate party set-up.

What things do you do to keep kids happy during parties? 


While we are talking about kids, be sure to come back this week for some easy ideas to make Thanksgiving extra fun for the kids. I can’t wait to share them with you!!


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Leslie November 18, 2013 - 7:06 pm

don’t forget timing. If kids are coming make sure you start early enough so they can get home for a reasonable bedtime. It will cut down on late evening melt-downs and make things happier for everyone.


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