Pom Pom Turkey Craft for Kids

by Melissa

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Today I’m going to teach you how to make these super simple, but seriously cute turkeys with your kids . . .



What you need:

– Yarn (I used brown, but you could use whatever you want or have on hand)
– Felt Scraps
– Googly Eyes
– Hot Glue


1. First you make two different sized pom pom’s out of your yarn.  For a tutorial on making your own pom pom’s go here.  Once they’re made you can tie them together with an extra piece of yarn or even hot glue them together if that’s easier.

2. Cut out a few different colored feathers from your felt scraps and layer them for the turkey’s tail.

3. Cut out the beak, gobbler, wings, and feet from your felt scraps as well.

4. Glue the tail, eyes, beak, wings, and feet onto the pom poms to finish up your turkey.

And that’s it!  You’re done, and your kids will love playing with the turkeys they made.

Keep in mind:

* Depending on the age of your kids they may not be able to do all of this themselves, but to get them involved:

– Let them cut out the felt pieces or at least pick out the colors they want

– Let them decide how big or small to make the pom poms to determine the size of their turkey.

– If you have different sizes of googly eyes let the pick the ones they want.

There’s always a way to make things fun and festive for kids of all ages.  Sometimes you just have to get creative on how they can help.


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