Easy Party Planning: “H” is for Hosting Tips

by Melissa

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Today’s topic is a fun one to discuss. There are so many aspects to hosting that we could talk about it for hours! But let’s break some ideas down to the 5 must-knows of being not only an amazing party planner, but a great host/hostess!

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1. Being a good host means taking care of everything behind-the-scenes and also making sure each attendee is having a great experience. In order to make this happen, get as much done before the party so you can focus on your guests. No one likes going to a party where the table still needs to be set, the balloons blown up, etc. Preparation is key to being a good host.


2. Have you ever been to a party where you didn’t even say a word to the person who invited you? No one likes feeling invisible, so don’t let that happen at your party! Make it a point to greet every person as they enter and challenge yourself to greet them by name.  If you don’t get a chance to greet everyone, make sure you make some form of communication to each attendee. That way they feel appreciated that they took time out of their schedules to attend your event.


3. When it comes to food (the best part of a party in my opinion) refrain from eating until everyone else has had a chance to fill their plates. Also, try to not clean up during the party. Guests want to feel welcomed, not hurried. When we see the clean-up crew coming, it usually means the fun is over. Don’t fall into that trap! Feel free to wipe up the spilled punch (no one likes sticky shoes anyway) but ignore the small messes until the guests have gone.


4.  When people socialize and mingle, many like to have water or small munchies in their hand to transfer their nerves to. It gives their hands something to do instead of awkwardly being in pockets or standing with arms folded. Be aware of this social norm, and make sure that there are plenty of clean cups, beverages, and snacks on hand. No one likes to take the last cup or empty the punch bowl.


5. You know what a wallflower is, right? Those quiet, shy people who decorate the corners and walls of a room with their presence while fun and games are happening. Train yourself to be the gardener to those wallflowers. Every party has them, whether it’s a 5-yr-old superhero party or a serious family gathering. Search out those people, and personally introduce them to 2-3 other guests, creating a safe atmosphere for them to socialize and feel involved. Remember how we talked about being invisible at a party? Don’t let that happen at yours!


Final tip:

The biggest key to being an amazing host is to enjoy yourself. When you’re having fun, (even after all the work you put into creating the party) chances are everyone else will have an enjoyable time. You create the magic for everyone to enjoy. You probably deserve an award or maybe a vacation after the event, but remember….it’s not about you. It’s about your guests. When they leave, be gracious and thank them for coming. Tell them you appreciate them stopping by and hope they enjoyed themselves.

Happy hosting!


Photos by Marcelle Calder Photography


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