Easy Party Planning: “G” is for Guests

by Melissa

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Guests are one of the most important aspects to a party. Why? Because let’s be honest…without guests, there really isn’t much of a party! All of your party planning revolves around who will actually be coming to the event.


One of the first to-do’s for event planning is creating a guest list. Write down the names of whom you plan on inviting. Then based on the list, you can go from there to create a theme, party favors, etc.


When thinking about the guests that will be coming, keep the list age-appropriate. If it’s your husband’s yearly employee dinner, you probably don’t want to put 6-yr-old Johnny on the guest list. If you’re planning your daughter’s princess birthday party, are the parents invited? Be specific to who will be invited. Is the event just for friends? Couples? Families?


>Tip: For those of you who are super-organizers circle the names on your guest list of those who you are almost positive will be attending. Then put a question mark next to the names of those who might attend, and put a small dash next to those who you know won’t attend (grandma from out-of state). The circled names and question marked names will give you a pretty good estimate of attendees. Now you know how many to plan for! (Always make a few extras of favors, open seats and food.)


Remember, your guests are the most important aspect of the party. Sure, your decorations and hand-dipped chocolate strawberries might be featured in the Martha Stewart magazine, but when it comes down to it, you create and plan the party, and your guests make the party!

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