Halloween Art For Kids

by Melissa

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It’s Friday! Hooray! And today I get to announce a new series we’ll be having here on So Festive.


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This new series will focus entirely on festive ideas specifically for kids! That means, simple, cheap, creative ideas that you can do with your little ones. Fun, right?

Now, who is behind this magic?

Andrea Nelson is one of my best friends clear back from elementary. When we were supposed to be studying statistics, we were instead dreaming and talking about our someday future families: how our husbands would be best friends and we would walk around the mall, pushing strollers filled with children wearing baby Nikes. Well, part of our dreams have come true. We are still the best of friends, our husbands are great friends, but as for the babies in Nikes, still working on that! Little did we both know then that motherhood involves more than just shopping and dressing kids in cute clothes. Ha!


I’m so happy to have her along! Because whenever I hear about all the festive things she does with her children, I think, “Wow! We need to have her share that with all of us!” So Hip Hip Hooray for the new series.

More about Andrea in her words:  I currently live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and I love food, family, holidays, friends, crafting, thrifting, decorating, gift giving, and spending time with my three wild and crazy, but totally adorable boys.  Since becoming a mom I’ve found how much richer life is when you take the time to slow down and celebrate even the little things with those you love.  I’m excited and honored to be a contributor here on SoFestive!


And now, some Halloween Art for Kids:

Can you believe it’s October already!?  We’re pretty excited at our house about all that October entails.  Today I’m going to share with you a simple project your kids will love.

The two things to keep in mind when crafting with kids is:
1. Keep it simple
2. Use things you already have on hand.

This little project does both. First, have them paint the whole page like a sunset with watercolors.

Then water-down a little black paint, drip it on their painting, and have them blow it around with a straw.  We did ours outside just to make sure the mess didn’t get out of hand.


Once it dries let them fill in some spooky details with a black marker.  It will be fun to see their creativity go wild.  And if they’re not quite old enough for that, let them dictate what they want and help them draw it.

And now you can enjoy some festive Halloween decor for the rest of the month!

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Jana October 4, 2013 - 1:39 pm

so fun! What a great idea!

Marcelle October 5, 2013 - 6:17 pm

Andrea always has fun, creative ideas! I’m looking forward to seeing what she shares.


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