Easy Party Planning: “E” is for Entertainment

by Melissa
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Entertainment is a BIG topic. There are so many directions to take. We could discuss hundreds of ideas, but we are going to focus instead on some simple, basic principles when it comes to entertainment.  (Did that sound like Hitch to anyone else? )

But first, we want to show off some of our favorite simple entertainment ideas:

Photo Booth


Whether it’s simply a sheet for a backdrop or you have themed props, having a photo booth at your party is the bomb dot com. Photos booths are instant ice-breakers and create a fun element to any type of party. Guests can be silly in the photo booth while they wait for food or give them something to do while there is some downtime.   Photo booths are also a great way to capture who was at your party. There are numerous free photo booth prop downloads available online.  A good place to start is here since it has 10 free Photo Booth prop printables.

Hide a Sticker Under the Plate


This may sound a little silly, but this idea is one of our favorites. If you are having a sit-down dinner, hide a sticker under one of the plates. (Side note, you will only want to incorporate this idea if you aren’t using assigned place cards.)  After everyone has chosen a seat and before guests start dishing up their food, have everyone turn their plate over. Whoever has the sticker under the plate is the lucky winner of a door prize.

Water Balloons & Guessing Jars

guessing jar

Entertainment can be super simple. Take water balloons and guessing jars for example.

Fill up a big container of water balloons and it will keep the kids entertained for hours. And guessing jars, they are just fun for any age! Fill up a jar with candy and have everyone guess how many pieces of candy there are. The person who guesses closest to the real number of candies wins the jar.

Just remember: choosing your entertainment will depend a lot on the type of party and age of attendees.

>>If there will be kids, choose crafts, simple games, or other activities that will let them move around. Expecting kids to sit through formal entertainment won’t be fun for anyone.

>>If your party is open house style, keep the entertainment to music, or entertainment like a dance party or photo booth that everyone can enjoy no matter when they are there or for how long. For example, you won’t want to do a game with a prize for open house style parties.

>>A lot of times, food IS the entertainment. If that’s the case, don’t stress about coming up with lots of entertainment. The entertainment will just happen naturally as people mingle over good food.


Other Simple Entertainment Ideas:

Pinatas for All Ages

Minute-To-Win-It Games

Crafts for the Kids

Dance Party!

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Photos by Marcelle Calder Photography

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