Easy Party Planning: “A” is for Ambiance

by Melissa

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Happy Labor Day! We’re glad you’re here for your first lesson in easy party planning.

But before we jump into class, a few disclaimers.

1. Although we love throwing parties and do it every chance we get, we are in no ways perfect. This series is our attempt at sharing what we have learned over the years. And you know what? We are still learning. We hope you learn something along the way, too.

2. If you ever have any questions about what we are talking about (like you need an idea or more clarification), just let us know. Because awesome teachers take time for their students. And we want to be awesome. We hope you have as much fun through all of this as we are!

Now, let’s jump into the letter A.

ambiance header

Ambiance. Such a fancy word, right? Despite all the elements we are going to talk about through this A to Z series, ambiance just might be the most important. And if it isn’t the most important, it definitely is one of the first things you’ll want to think about when throwing any kind of party or event.


***Pop Quiz: What type of ambiance does ^ this ^ party have?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself that will help you determine what kind of ambiance you should have:

-What kind of atmosphere do you envision?

-Do you picture bright and cheery or a more subdued feel?

-Will kids be attending or is it an adults-only party?

-What type of event is it? Is it a celebration, going-away party, reunion, birthday, or something else?

-Do you want a loud and fun atmosphere or a more relaxed setting?

-What time of day will your party be held?

-Is it an open-house or will there be planned activities at the party?


Once you decide what the perfect ambiance for your party will be, you can coordinate other elements–all of which we will be talking about in future lessons. Stay tuned. Up next week: B!



*Image styled and photographed by Marcelle Calder Photography.


Honeycomb bags: Petite Party Studio
Pewter bowl: Old Town Imports
Napkins: Target
Vase & flowers: gift
Cake stand: gift
Ice cream cups: Petite Party Studio
Pink and white striped baking cups: Home Goods. Similar ones at Petite Party Studio
Candy dish: gift
Wooden cutlery: Crate & Barrel
Gray striped straws: Fishs Eddy
Confetti: Wilton sprinkles
Silver backdrop: Walmart seasonal
Apothecary vase: World Market

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