New Mom Snack Survival Kit Gift Idea

by Melissa

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How to create a gift a new mama will love – some healthy snacks that are ready to go when hunger strikes!


Simple & Practical Gift Ideas for New Moms!

A new baby is such a fun occasion to celebrate! These simple & cheap  Hospital Survival Kits for New Parents  or Newborn Survival Kits are great gift options to take to a baby shower because they contain some forgotten necessities for the parents.

But, what about a gift AFTER the baby is born?

Moms and babies get showered with love and gifts before delivery, but after that sweet bundle of joy has arrived is when the real help is needed!

There is nothing more precious than a sweet newborn.

No time for healthy food prep!

But there is also little time to prepare food and healthy food at that. I loved getting meals  dropped off and even some freezer meals when I had a newborn, but getting fresh fruit was even better.

Getting fresh fruit that was ready to quickly grab without washing and chopping is the best.

My co-workers sent me an Edible Arrangements fruit bouquet which I lived off for a week. That’s a great gift, but if you are looking for a cheaper option, put together a Healthy Snack Survival Kit.

Healthy Snack Survival Kit

Help a new mom out and create a Healthy Snack Survival Kit for her! This gift doesn’t need to be anything super fancy. We’re going for practicality here!

What you need for this new mom survival kit:

  • bananas
  • washed apples
  • washed strawberries
  • mini carrots
  • Snickers bars (because they are a hearty treat)
  • box and ribbon
  • other ideas: trail mix, dried fruit, pretzels

Tip: Keep a few candy bars or ready snacks on hand so that you can create a healthy snack survival kit in a moment’s notice!


1. Wash all the fruit.
2. Fill the box you have with fruit and healthy snacks
3. Tie with a ribbon
4. Give to the new mama!

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Juli May 30, 2013 - 2:33 am

I love this idea! You are so festive and think of everything!!

Kenzi Jones June 13, 2013 - 9:21 pm

Love it! The snickers made a great midnight snack!!


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