Party Food: A Tart Bar!

by Melissa

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For Pie Day this year, (don’t remind me that Pie Day was nearly a month ago!), we did something a little different. Instead of making full pies, I made tarts, which are like mini pies, but so much better. I set it up so that we could fill our own tarts and top them with what we wanted. It was lots of fun and I’m thinking that this might be a fun idea to not just use on Pie Day. I’m thinking baby shower, brunch, girls night, book club, the list goes on!

How to have your own Tart Bar Party:

1. Make tarts, recipe here. You can purchase tart pans at nearly any cooking store. For the tarts I made, I used large tart pans from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. You can make tarts well in advance and freeze them, or they will stay fresh in an air-tight container for a day or so.


2. Choose the filling you want. I made a homemade lemon pie filling and a chocolate mousse using cream and chocolate pudding. Strawberry, Pistacio, and Cream Cheese Tart filling are also really yummy.


3. Have a few toppings to choose from. We had crushed oreos, mixed berries, and cream.


4. Then put it all together. I made little cards that said, “Fill It”, “Top It”, “Eat It” so everyone knew what to do. Not that it’s rocket science, but still.


5. Eat it! And then repeat, trying all the yummy combinations!


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Ashlee March 18, 2014 - 1:13 am

what a fun idea! I bet my kids would love this for a family dessert night! I love “bars” so people can make their own!


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