The Cutest Valentine’s Day Lunch Picnic Inspiration

by Melissa

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Take your Valentine’s Day to the next level with these adorable picnic ideas!

A Valentine’s Day Picnic

It’s always been a tradition in my family to take an Easter picnic the day before Easter. Sometimes it was a full-blown picnic with cousins, an egg hunt and activities, and other times it was a simple pick-up-fried-chicken and get-to-the-park-before-dark kind of a picnic. We never really minded which one it was, as long as we had one.

I’ve been planning our little family’s Easter picnic for this year, and I have been super inspired by my friend Amber’s Valentine’s Picnic she put together for her family. Even though it was for a different holiday, I love that many of the ideas can be incorporated into any type of picnic.

I mean seriously, have you ever seen a more perfect picnic?  (Again, not that you need it to be perfect to make a memory, but how fun would it be to be invited along with their family?)

From Amber:

“We wanted to do something special together as a family for Valentine’s dinner so a picnic it was. We planned an exquisite menu, packed up our goodies, Joey’s old six string and headed out to Kenneth Meyers Park to plant ourselves with a lovely bayside view. The kids loved the excitement of it all and what a big deal it was. They were such awesome helpers preparing with me all day. The best part was Joey serenading us with love songs and improvising to make it fun with our names.”

Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

And here is a warning: you may just see me using some of these cute picnic ideas because they are too cute not to!

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