Beautiful Tea Party Baby Shower Ideas

by melissa

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Celebrate the mom-to-be with a gorgeous tea party baby shower. Darling inspiration for food, decor, favors, and more.  



Hosting a tea party is great way to celebrate friendship and good food. Even if you aren’t planning a baby shower, these beautiful tea party ideas will inspire you to create a party to remember!

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One of our favorite readers, Emily from NYC sent us these gorgeous photos from a tea party baby shower.

In Emily’s words:

“With our good friend Tiffany expecting twin boys, we knew we wanted to plan a fun baby shower. Tiffany loves tea, so a “tea party baby shower” became the theme for the afternoon event to celebrate the upcoming arrival of the boys. Usually a tea party means pink and over the top frills, but as Tiffany was expecting boys, we tried to bring in hues of blues, taupe, and gold and keep everything classy and sophisticated for the occasion.


From the fabric streamer backdrop to the exquisite dining table decor, the scrumptious menu to the darling favors, everything was just perfect and was DIY by one of our friends. And it helped that one friend had a beautiful tea set service for 20+ (unheard of in the city!)


We chose a variety of tea party food. This is what we served:

  • chicken salad croissants
  • curry chicken salad mini pitas
  • pumpkin, chocolate chunk, and blueberry scones with devonshire cream
  • juicy fresh fruit & crisp veggies
  • a fancy cheese platter
  • chocolate dipped strawberries
  • strawberry & blueberry mini cupcakes
  • darlingest little petit four cakes (here’s a tutorial for petit fours)
  • a vast assortment of herbal and fruit teas!

My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Use a 3-tiered dish to create a beautiful spread of fresh fruit.

tea party fruit platter- tea party food ideas

tea party food ieas


Hosting a tea party baby shower can be elegant and tie in the baby theme in a classy way. Here’s a few decoration ideas for your next tea party:

  • a fabric streamer backdrop (drape fabric streamers from a piece of wire or rope)
  • simple white onesies and baby blue socks hung with clothespins on twine
  • a long strip of brown craft paper as a table runner
  • small baby food jar floral arrangements
  • a gorgeous bouquet of fresh white tulips for the centerpiece
  • few small candles, lit in square glass dishes

Create a beautiful and simple table backdrop as a focal point by using large streamers of fabric like this:

baby boy shower decoration ideas- tea party ideas

Simple white onesies and baby socks attached to twine with clothespins also add to the ambiance.



For tea party favors, package individual bags of herbal tea with a few tea biscuits and sugar cubes.

Display them in a basket next to a “Keep Calm & Drink Tea” sign. 


tea party favor bags- tea party idea

tea party favors

All in all, everything was so charming and the soon to be mother-of-twins enjoyed some much deserved, relaxing girl time before her life becomes a bit more hectic!

tea party decorations- tea set

Is a Tea Party in your future? Save these ideas for later…




Mel February 28, 2013 - 12:41 am

Thanks for an awesome post my so festive in the city sister! It’s fun to see how you New Yorkers party!

Juli March 17, 2013 - 6:30 pm

I totally love this idea! What a cute way to incorporate a tea party for someone expecting boys. The decor and food looked amazing!


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