“Little Mister” Mustache & Bowtie Birthday Party

by Melissa

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This cute Little Mister birthday party was submitted by one of our readers. If you’re planning a first birthday for your little guy, check out these cute party ideas!


From Wendy:

I knew I wanted to do a “little mister” themed party for Burton’s first birthday so I started a Pinterest board to collect inspiration. I quickly decided to go with lots of bowties and mustaches in the same color scheme as Burton’s nursery (so I could reuse some items we already had – more on that later).

Little Mister Invitations

I wanted the invitation to be kind of “classy” looking but still make sense for a little boy. I designed the invitation and my husband (who has crazy artistic talent) sketched the picture of Burton on his phone (!) by drawing over a picture he took. I then added the bowtie for a shot of fun and color. I used striped scrapbooking paper to line the envelopes to continue the color scheme.



Since the first birthday is really all about letting your child smear cake all over their face I knew I wanted to do something special for Burton’s cake. I found instructions to cut a round cake into a mustache shape and topped it with chocolate frosting meant to mimick hair.


Bowtie Cupcakes

Instead of cake, I opted for cupcakes for the party guests. I ordered them from a local bakery to save myself some time since I was making most of the food from scratch (we had 25 people at the party).

To make the bowties, I ordered a chocolate mold from Amazon and made orange, green, and blue bowties to match the party.

bowtie-cupcakes-little-mister-partyLittle Mister Dinner Menu

We did a full blown dinner for the party but I tried to make simple food that could be made ahead. As the invitation said, we had “man food” but miniature-ish to go with the “little mister” theme.


  • taquitos
  • bbq meatballs
  • twice baked potatoes
  • bowtie pasta salad
  • green salad
  • veggies and dip
  • chips and dip
  • rolls
  • water and soda.

These were some of the signs I made, breaking the food into 3 categories: meat, potatoes, and rabbit food.


Dessert Table

The dessert table featured Burton’s mustache cake, the cupcakes, and some boy-ish candy (gummy worms, swedish fish, and jelly beans).

The banner over the table was originally made for Burton’s blessing a year ago and has since hung in his room.


Bowtie and Mustache Streamers

This photo show the party aftermath but more importantly the bowtie and mustache “streamers” I made by sewing diecuts in a line.


I chose a photo from each month of Burton’s first year and had them printed to show how he grew.


Name That ‘Satche Party Game

As a fun game for the adults (with a few thrown in for the kids) I printed pictures of “famous mustaches.” Everyone had a sheet to guess who each mustache belongs to and there was a prize (a chocolate football) for the winner.


Before Burton was born, I made a mobile with yarn balls. I had tons of leftover yarn so I used it to make small yarn balls that went in vases and mason jars for the table decor. I added mustache and bowtie diecuts and photos of Burton to finish off the look.


You can see I used more of the mustache/bowtie streamers over the tables as well as some circles leftover from the banner with Burton’s name.


I found a t-shirt for Burton to wear with a bowtie. You can see he had lots of help opening presents by eager cousins


The best part of the day was celebrating our favorite boy with our family who love him just like we do. *Note to self: pay attention to the background for better cake eating photos in the future. Poor guinea pig first children.*

Other Little Mister Party Ideas:

  • Blow up a picture of the birthday boy to play pin-the-mustache or bowtie on the birthday boy
  • Make a mustache pinata – fringey tissue paper would add great texture that would look like hair
  • Save baby food jars and fill them with treats for a simple party favor for guests to take home (Maybe candy for the kids and salted caramel sauce for the adults?)
  • Have a tie or bowtie tying contest for the older guests
  • Show a video/slideshow of the birthday boy’s first year
  • Designate a room in your house as the “coat check” complete with tear away tags for the guests to retrieve their coats

Fabulous party, Wendy! Thanks so much for sharing.

If you’d like to submit your party, send an email to [email protected] We’d love to feature it!


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kate wilson February 21, 2013 - 8:36 pm

holy little mister party! that was awesome! the tiny bowties on the cupcakes! the sewn stache and tie steamers! and the invite is incredible. i’m sure you’ve got one framed. amazing. what a lucky birthday boy.


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