5-Minute DIY Baby Food Jar Valentines

by Melissa

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Make some adorable DIY Baby Food Jar Valentine’s Day gifts with old baby food jars and a few other supplies you likely have at home! Check out the tips at the end of the post to make this craft easy peasy.


DIY Baby Food Jar Valentines

If you’ve got a baby at home. or even a stash of small glass jars you aren’t sure what to do with, turn them into some adorable Valentines!

Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers….

Spread the love this Valentine’s Day with these simple DIY Baby Food Jar Valentines.



What You Need for the Baby Food Jar Valentines:

    • Valentine’s day cupcake papers – check your local grocery or dollar store (or cute ones on Amazon here!) Be sure that you pick a pattern that will not be upside-down when you place it on the jar.
    • baby food jars
    • festive pink, red, and white candy
    • baker’s twine or ribbon
    • double sided tape and scissors

First, clean the baby food jars

You’ll want to make sure your baby food jars are super clean. No one wants to find specks of sweet potatoes mixed in their Valentine’s Day treats, do they?

Grab a bunch of your baby food jars and throw them into the dishwasher for a nice, good, hot bath. Or soak them in the sink.

Once they are clean, let them dry completely. 

Tip: This step can be done will in advance!


Second, fill the jar with your favorite Valentine’s Day candy or treats!

Since your jar is not huge, I recommend using smaller candy such as M&Ms, mini chocolates, heart-shaped gummies, or other smaller candy.

And again, before you fill, make sure the baby food jars are completely dry. You don’t want any moisture getting on the candy!

Tip: If you want a non-candy option, fill the jar with little slips of paper of why you love that person! 

Third, attach the lid and cupcake liner

Secure the lid in place. Then place a glue dot or piece of double-sided tape to secure the cupcake paper to the top of the baby food jar lid.

Fourth, Tie with Baker’s Twine

Finish off these cute and simple Valentines with a piece of baker’s twine.


That’s It! You just made a simple DIY Valentine in no time! Check out these other fun and simple Valentine’s Ideas Below:

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