If You Want To Be Happy- A Thanksgiving Story

by Melissa
Thanksgiving Story- A Good Thanksgiving

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Want to know the secret to being happy? This Thanksgiving story will tell you what it is! Cheerful and colorful illustrations make this a great thankful story for children!  



I learned the secret of being happy very early on in my life.

Each November, my mom would pull out her version of “If You Want To Be Happy…A Thanksgiving Story.” (I know I mention my mom quite a bit on this blog, but hey, she is the reason I started this blog in the first place.  She made holidays so special and meaningful for us growing up.)

There was nothing fancy about this story. She found the story from an article and then found pictures from magazines that she carefully cut and glued on to construction paper.

After years of reading this story to her 7 children, the “book”  became tattered and torn. But we all loved this Thanksgiving tradition so much that we would read it each year.


When my own family started to grow, I knew I wanted to make my own copy of this Thanksgiving story.

I didn’t have a stash of magazines lying around, so I used the next best thing: Google. 😉

I found images that were perfect to along with the text and created an updated version of this favorite story.

It is a sweet story and shares a little secret of how we can be happy this holiday season.

Here’s a preview: 

thanksgiving-story-happiness (1)

grateful-story (1)

thankful-story (1)thanksgiving-thankful-story (1)

Keep reading the story to find out what happens……………

For best results:

  • Print the story at your favorite print shop. There is a lot of color involved, so I’d hate for you to drain your ink at home!
  • Place each page in a sheet protector or laminate each page for it to hold up each year.
  • Read the story a week or two before Thanksgiving.
  • Challenge: invite your family members to think of something they can give away before Thanksgiving. Then discuss how it made them feel.


*The original poem titled, “A Good Thanksgiving” was written by Marian Douglas. This is an adaptation with original graphics and text changed. 

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Marilyn Albertson November 6, 2014 - 3:58 pm

Loved the story. Thanks for sharing your special memories of your mother. I loved her so dearly as a “sister” and miss her. Your story will go in my stash of wonderful memories of this day. I love your contest. I am going to work hard this month to cherish the moments more. Love you,
Thank you for teaching that wonderful class with me. Have a wonderful day!

Hadlee Grace November 23, 2020 - 12:24 pm

I am always on a search to find intentional family traditions to make a more bonded family!! I love that you constantly teach simplicity with your ideas and how a mom can make such a positive and loving impact on her children!!

You’re such a doll and I adore your website!!

melissa November 23, 2020 - 5:04 pm

thank you for your compliment! my goal is to share meaningful ideas and I’m glad you enjoy them!


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