20 Easy Camping Meals

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Over 20 easy tried-and-true camping meals that are kid-approved, simple, and delicious! Plus get a free camping packing & meal list to make your job easier! 

Best Camping Meals-Camping Food


You’re in the right place! Getting ready to go camping is a lot of work! And then there is planning for camping meals.  But don’t stress! 

Here’s a ton of simple, kid-approved camping meals for you to eat on your next adventure. Most of them don’t even need a recipe!

We’ve been camping for 15+ years, so we know you’ll find these recipes and tips super helpful! 

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Before we get to the easy camping meal ideas, you’ll want to have some gear to help you prepare your food, as well as keep it fresh while you’re camping. Make sure to have: 

  • Cooler: depending on how long you’re camping, you’ll want a good cooler that will keep your food cold for as long as you’re away. Use ice blocks or dry ice to keep your food cold. 
  • Plastic Table Cloth & Clips : camping tables can be pretty gross! Be sure to take a table cloth to cover the table with. We love using red & white checkered tablecloths (because they are so festive!) but we’ve also used black plastic covering as well.  These Clips keep the table cloth in place when wind comes. 
  • Hot Dog & Marshmallow Roasting Sticks: no camping trip is ever complete without roasting marshmallows or hot dogs. We recently invested in these small and compact hot dog roasting sticks that are not only safe for kids, but are easy to store and keep in our camping box! 
  • Slot Dog Hot Dog Cutter  : to make the best hot dogs ever! 
  • Water Jug: It’s so nice to have a water jug you can keep full of water for drinks or cooking. 
  • Veggie/Fruit Tray : It’s easy to eat fruits and veggies camping if they are easily accessible! We love taking this plastic veggie tray and fill it with fruits and veggies and dip for quick snacks. 
  • Fold-Top Camp Box: We store all of our camping kitchen gear in a big plastic tote with hinged lids like this. Everything stays packed in year-round, so we can quickly grab it and have it ready for our camping trip. 





1. The Best Fluffy Pancake Mix

This fluffy pancake mix is amazing! You’ll never want to eat a Krusteaz pancake again. Ha! This mix can be prepared in just a few minutes. Store it in a large air-tight canister and pack it in with your camping food.

When you’re ready to make pancakes, you’ll just add a few eggs and water! Easy peasy.

Or try this amazing cinnamon oatmeal pancake mix recipe for a heartier option.


2. French toast & Buttermilk Syrup with fruit 

3. Breakfast burritos (make ahead version here. ) 

4. Fried sliced potatoes and fish

5. Yogurt, granola, and fruit parfaits

6. Cold cereal and milk

7. Muffins 



1. Make-Ahead, Freezer-Friendly Turkey & Cheese Roll-ups

Perfect for on-the-go, these incredibly easy turkey or ham and cheese roll-ups can be made ahead of your camping trip. Freeze them until you go. Keep in the cooler and pull out when you are on the drive or need a quick camping lunch that’s already made!

Turkey & Cheese Roll-Ups Recipe 


2. Hoagie sandwiches

No recipe required! Just pick up a package of hoagie sandwich buns and add your favorite meat, cheese, and veggies!

TIP: If you have a Walmart nearby, you can order a 6 ft. sub sandwich for $40! Pick one up before you go and slice it for quick lunches! 

3. Mango Salsa & Chips

For a lighter lunch option, try this amazing fresh mango salsa! Make a big bowl, pull out a bag of chips and you’ve got a quick camping lunch in minutes.


4. PB& J Sandwiches

Never underestimate the power of PB&J. These are great since you don’t need to keep anything chilled. 

5. Teriyaki Bowtie Pasta Salad

Everything for this amazing Teriyaki Chicken Bowtie pasta salad can be prepped before you leave, making this salad a quick lunch or dinner while you camp! Simply toss all the ingredients together when you are ready to eat in the great outdoors.

6. Crackers, Cheese, and Meat 


1. Gourmet Hot Dogs- J Dawgs

Ready to eat THE BEST HOT DOG EVER? Take your hot dog game to the next level with these gourmet hot dogs! For anyone who lives in Utah, you probably know what a J Dawg is.  But if you’ve never tried one or want to create your own, never fear! I’ve shared how to make the best Hot Dog right over here— including how to cut/roast them plus the most amazing simple recipe for Hot Dog Special Sauce!  You’ll love them.

Tip: Plan to make hot dogs on your first night camping since you’ll be busy setting up camp.

The Best Way to Eat a Hot Dog-1

2. Navajo Tacos

Navajo Tacos always make an appearance on our camping trips. Because cooking outdoors is so fresh, frying up scones for Navajo Tacos is actually enjoyable!

How to Make:

  • Let frozen roll dough like Rhodes thaw.  You can let it thaw in your cooler and use on one of your first nights.  Stretch the dough apart to make scones. Fry them in hot oil. Top with taco meat, beans, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, etc.

Tip: Pre-cook the beef and season it at home and freeze. When you are ready to eat camping, just let it thaw and reheat over a camp stove.

3. Dutch Oven Pizza

Who says you can’t have delicious pizza without an oven? Make dutch oven pizza! There are so many different varieties you can try, making dutch oven pizza great for the pickiest eaters!

4. Dutch Oven Lasagna

Here’s an easy dutch oven lasagna recipe with no pre-cooking the noodles!

5. Spaghetti and Garlic Bread

Another quick and easy meal, spaghetti and garlic bread is a favorite by all! Again, if you like to add meat or meat balls to your marinara sauce, cook it up at home and keep frozen until you’re ready to eat.

6. Tin Foil Dinners


7. Make-Ahead French Bread Pizza via A Thrifty Mom 



1. Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler

My dad is famous for his dutch oven peach cobbler, and lucky for you, he was willing to share the recipe. Here it is:


Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler



  • 1 quart jarred peaches or equivalent plus juice
  • 1 tsp cinnamon or more to taste
  • 1 yellow cake mix
  • 12 cups lemon-lime soda
  • 1/2 cup real butter, not margarine
  • cool whip or whipped cream


  1. Prepare your dutch oven like normal. Prepare 24-30 charcoal briquettes.
  2. Pour the peaches and juice on the bottom. Sprinkle cinnamon on top. You can add brown sugar at this point if you want to make it more sweet, but we usually leave it out.
  3. Take the dry yellow cake mix and sprinkle it on top of the peaches. Pour the soda on top of the cake mix. You’ll add just enough so that the cake mix is clumpy.
  4. Place 1/4″ thick slices of butter on top of the cake mix. Scatter it evenly across the top.
  5. Place the lid on top. Place 8-10 hot charcoal briquettes on the bottom of the dutch oven and the remaining 16-20 on top of the lid.
  6. Let the cobbler cook for about 30 minutes. Check each 15 minutes and rotate the lid a quarter turn so that the cobbler cooks evenly. It’s done when the cake is a light golden brown.

2. S’mores- Ton of Options

S’mores are classic! Roast big marshmallows and place them on a graham cracker with a chocolate bar.

Other S’more Options:

  • Use a Reese’s peanut butter cup instead of a chocolate bar.
  • Instead of graham crackers, use fudge-striped cookies. It’s got the “graham cracker” and chocolate all together!
  • Campfire cones- use sugar cones and place mini marshmallows and other mini toppings inside the ice cream cone. Wrap it up in tin foil and place on the coals for a few minutes, until everything is melted.

For an easy campfire treat you can make before you go, try these Incredible Indoor S’mores.


3. Roasted Starbursts

Yep, you heard that right. Just take a Starburst and place it on a roasting stick. Leave it over the fire coals for a minute or so. The starburst will become soft and warm and really yummy!

4. Rice Krispies Treats 

Rice Krispy treats can be made before your camping trip or you can make them right in the great outdoors! You’ll just need a cooking stove.

To make the best rice krispy treats use this simple recipe: 6 Tbsp. butter, 6 cups marshallows, and 6 cups rice krispy cereal.

5. Special K Cookies 

If you like Rice Krispies treats, you’ll LOVE Special K Treats! They are just as easy to make, but wow! Just wow. They taste so much better. But warning, you won’t be able to stop at one. The fun thing about Special K treats is you can make them before you go camping, or you can make them while you are there on your cooking stove for a fun campfire treat.

You only need a few ingredients to make them! And once they are made, you can store in a big air-tight bowl with lid and they will stay fresh for a few days. Well, that is if this incredibly yummy treat lasts that long.

Here’s the Special K recipe!

special k treats

6. Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars 

For 2 dozen amazing chocolate chip cookies in under 30 minutes, make a pan of The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars! These freeze wonderfully, well, too! 



Camping Packing List


I hope this list has given you some yummy food ideas for your next camping trip! And now, we’d love to hear your favorite camping meals so we can add them to this list! Leave a comment below!

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