Camping Treasure Hunt Tradition & Printable Clues

by sofestivemel

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Make your family camping trip a bit more festive with a treasure hunt in the great outdoors!

Fun Camping Tradition Ideas

If you’re taking your family on a camping trip this year, add a camping treasure hunt to your list of activities! My family has been going camping to the same place almost every year for the last 30 years!! We love the great outdoors and have some pretty fun camping traditions that have strengthened our family.

Besides all the best camping meals, we have a whole list of fun camping traditions that I know you’ll love, too! But today, let’s talk the Camping Treasure Hunt!

How to Do A Camping Treasure Hunt

Putting together a camping treasure hunt is easier than you think!

1) Pick a day that will work best. We usually do our treasure hunt on the 2nd to last day, because the last day is always too busy with breaking camp and going home. The treasure hunt was what all of us kids looked forward to!

2) Create the treasure hunt clues. Your clues can be as fancy or simple as you like. Some years my mom and her sister would write very basic clues and others my super creative cousins would write full themed clues such as Disney, Pirates of the Caribbean, Pioneers, or compass course.

6-7 clues seemed to be the right amount. These clues were hidden around the campground in well-known places like the outhouse, canoe, campground sign, tent, fire pit, tackle box, etc. Looking back its funny because the clues were always hidden in the same places, but we would still have to figure it out from the clues.

The clues can be fancy or just written on line paper like this:

treasure hunt

Camping Picture Treasure Hunt Clues 

In most recent years, we’ve used picture clues since we have so many little children camping with us. These clues make it easy for little ones to find and know where the next clue is since they don’t have to read anything! For example, when they found this clue with the fishing pole on the firepit, they knew that the next clue would be by the fishing gear!


Grab a PDF download of these 20 Picture Camping Treasure Hunt Clues here.


3) Choose Treasures & Hide the Treasure 

Your treasure hunt prizes can be anything you want! Really, the fun of this camping activity is break up the day and get everyone out doing something together. For that reason, our treasures were always items that only cost a few dollars plus maybe a bag of treats.

Simple treasure hunt prizes include:

  • stickers, coloring books, toy cars, camping gadget, mini lotion, hair accessory, jerky

Create a fancy treasure box like this cute one my sister-in-law made a few years ago out of cardboard and gold tape!

Camping Treasure Hunt- camping-activity

Or you can just use a bag or bin you have. Really, it does not need to be fancy!

I’d love to see your camping traditions! Tag @sofestive on Instagram so I can see it!

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