12 Easy April Fools Day Joke Ideas

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Tons of easy and funny April Fools jokes you can play on your family and friends.

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Easy April Fools Day Joke Ideas

You will love all these simple and quick April Fools Joke ideas! In fact, April is full of holidays (full list here) and simple ways to create memories with your family.

Why You’ll Love These April Fool Jokes

  • Most of these pranks can be set up in less than 5 minutes.
  • Family-friendly.  



Diy Pranks 

1. Leave a message for your boss or spouse that said that “Mr. Lyon” called. List the phone number of the local zoo. For Hogle Zoo in Utah, the number is 801-584-1769.

2. Tape a Slurpee cup or mug to the top of your car with clear packing tape or magnets. Drive slowly through parking lots to get lots of funny reactions.

3. Steal the towels and clothes from the bathroom as your victim is in the shower!

4. Glue a quarter to the sidewalk or other well-trafficked area. Watch nearby as people try to pick it up.

5. Set the clock 1/2 hour ahead. Your roommates/spouse/family will all show up 1/2 hour early or you can tell them April Fools and have a 1/2 hour of extra time with them!

6. Put a “For Sale” sign in your neighbor’s yard

7. Put a chicken bouillon cube in the shower head. (But don’t forget to shower first.)

8. Place a piece of clear plastic wrap on the toilet seat.

9. Have a family April Fool’s Day dinner.

10. Put vaseline on the door handles.

11. Write “Just Married” on your friend or spouse’s car back window with window markers.

12. Have a free lemonade stand with colored water (dyed with yellow) and salt!

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