Birthday Door: A Birthday Tradition

by melissa

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A fun birthday tradition in my family growing up was the “Birthday Door”. Every year for our birthday my Mom would decorate a door covered in pictures of us. There’s always a birthday sign as well that usually coordinated with our birthday card and cake. It’s always fun to see old pictures of yourself, remember all the great memories, and see how much you had changed since the year before. We would usually leave it up for a few weeks after your birthday as well. Since I’ve been married it’s been fun carrying on this tradition for my hubby and now our little boy. He just turned two and he already loves his “Happy Birthday Door!”

My birthday door as a 4 and 5 year old (I had a Teddy Bear Cake and Party for my 4th birthday – hence the “Bear” sign on my door) Oh and I totally LOVE that I’m holding my little brother’s hand. Cute!

Birthday Doors for my husband since we’ve been married

I can’t even believe we’ve already celebrated TWO birthday’s for this little guy! It’s so much fun carrying on traditions for my own little family! The first year was “Tool” themed with a Hammer shaped cake. Then we had a “Monkey” birthday with a monkey cake this year.

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