Home Office & Craft Room on a Budget

This year I wanted to give some behind-the-scenes of this blog. And while photo shoots still happen on the kitchen floor, coffee table, or other random places where the lighting is best, this is where I do most of this blog work. Welcome to our Home Office/Craft Room!

before and after home office

We’ve been in our house almost a year, so it’s about time I finished getting our office and craft room organized, right? This has been such a fun, but long project. I’m glad to have it finally “done”.  My husband loves it and says he feels like he is walking into NYC. And hey, if I can get a compliment like that from him (one who usually doesn’t comment on decor), I’m super happy.

Our inspiration started with a filing cabinet I found for $10 at a thrift store. I painted it white clear back in January. Slowly we found a used corner desk from IKEA and all the rest just evolved. And ended up fitting perfectly in our narrow room. After a fresh new coat of pure white paint, we could finally get this room to a workable, practical space. Then the real fun began…decorating!

I pulled most of the decor from things I already had at home and found the rest at thrift sales or yard sales. I didn’t have a lot of $$ to work with, but it made it more fun that way because it forced me to get creative.


This room doubles as a home office for my husband and as a craft room/studio for me. So I wanted to make it a place that was sophisticated and separate enough for an IT guy (hence all the monitors!), but also practical for me and my never-ending list of projects.


I tried to keep everything that was used often as accessible as possible, while still keeping a clean, simple look.

modern-black-white-home-office-craft-room black-white-craft-room-home-office office-supplies

I spruced up these cheap IKEA paper boxes with some electrical tape.  They store photos, cards, party supplies, and holiday party stuff in them. The printer and other random office stuff is stored in the closet. It’s not pretty, but that’s exactly the point. Everyone has a space like that, right?


I stole the idea to use a $3 Target curtain rod to hang all my tape and bakers twine from Melissa of DesignEatRepeat . It not only adds pops of color, but is very useful.


The wall decor includes photos from our favorite trips (Europe and the San Juan Islands), plus some favorite quotes, our BYU diplomas,  and family photos.  Since we spend a lot of time in this room, we wanted it to be an uplifting place.

photo-collage-wall-black-white black-white-home-office-studio

This a vintage camera from my dad’s mission that he gave me and that back-2-school cross-stitch is something my mom made . I love having decor that actually means something in this room. They are my heroes. The large M was found at a yard sale.


Someday, I would love an office chair like this instead , but my $5 used one works pretty well right now. I had to be frugal, ya know? 

Well, that’s it. Now on to my baby girl’s nursery…only a year late. I’m hoping to get all these projects done before the holidays hit!

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  1. says

    Wow what a transformation!! I was expecting to see a yellow filing cabinet (maybe that’s what was in my head…) I love how you jazzed up the IKEA boxes-so so fun! And we have no idea where our diplomas are…probably in a box, yikes! A Perfect space for the two of you and love how bright it is. Hurray for finishing the room!

  2. says

    I think hanging your washi tape like that is so perfect. It’s accessible and cute. My office/guest room just flooded, but I’ve been looking forward to finishing it since we bought our house last year. Now I get to do it all over again… good and bad I guess. I hope it doesn’t take another year to finish it.

  3. says

    Wow! This looks amazing. I love the clean white, sophisticated feel of the room. It looks very modern and stylish, but still functional at the same time. Great inspiration and reminder that even the most boring beige little room can be transformed into something beautiful and functional.

  4. Lacey says

    Hi, I love that little plant — it’s the perfect pop of green without being too much for the space. I’m looking for something similar for our workspace/desktop. What kind is it? Love the little silver bucket/planter, too!

  5. Jessica says

    hi!!! I loved this!

    My boyfriend will start working from home, so this layout is beyond perfect!

    Where did you get the desks from?


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