My Favorite Party Supplies & Where to Get Them For Cheap

Today’s my birthday! The big 3-0. Crazy! In honor of the big party day, I thought I’d share some of my favorite party supplies with you, how I use them and where I get them. The key to throwing last minute, festive parties (big or small) is to have the essential party supplies on hand. By having a few basics in your party stash, you can make any celebration extra festive… simply.


Here are my top 6 party supplies I keep in my party supply stash. And just to note: I don’t like spending very much on party supplies, but I promise you that you can build up a party stash cheaply if you watch for sales and clearances. I tend to buy basic party supplies (think solid colors, fun textures and patterns) that can be used for multiple parties rather than very specific party supplies like Winnie the Pooh party plates. Because chances are, I probably won’t ever throw a Winnie the Pooh party.

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