A St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Tradition


I’m pretty sure tacos are as far from Irish fare as you can get, but we always have green tacos on St. Patrick’s Day. It all started back when my husband and I were dating in college. I still remember the conversation we had on St. Patrick’s Day over instant message while I was sitting in my International Business class.

It went something like this:

Him: “Hey, I’m in charge of dinner group tonight. Do you want to come over?”

Me: “Yes! What are you making?”

Him: “I was thinking tacos, unless you have a better idea.”

Me: “You should dye the tacos green and have green mean machines. It is St. Patrick’s Day! ”

Little did he know that would be the first of many festive dinners we would have together. I helped him make green tacos that night for his dinner group. We dyed the chicken and sour cream green, set out the other toppings in my set of green bowls, and served Green Mean Machines for dessert. Not to brag, but everyone really loved the festive meal. That same menu has been at our St. Patrick’s Day dinners ever since.


When we get really ambitions, we make the tortillas by hand and dye them green, too!


Moral of the story: whatever you have for St. Patrick’s Day dinner, add some green food coloring and you just might be making a tradition in the process. If you are still at a loss, come to our house for some green tacos. But wearing green is not optional.


Do you have a traditional St. Patrick’s Day dinner? I’d love to hear it!